ESL and Valve’s Worldwide Growth

E-sports is a general term for a number of different competitions using electronic games as the main medium. Many believe that e-sport refers to competitive gaming and an increasing number of people are deciding to take part in these competitions either online or offline. The first major event of this kind was the Electronic Sports Show (ESL) back in 2021, where several big names were involved such as Valve, Sony, and Blizzard.


There have been many different developments within the world of e-sport and it’s exploded from being a small and select group of enthusiasts into a growing international scene with millions of spectators watching each competition live or at a live event. Over the last few years, the nature of esport has changed dramatically with the introduction of spectator websites which not only show you what is happening in a particular competition but allow you to follow the pros or the other team members in order to give you a unique experience. With these websites you can even purchase equipment and skins so that you can show your support for your favourite team. There have also been massive changes to the way in which the competition is organised as well as the rules and regulations governing it. These days there are numerous big tournaments taking place every month with millions watching at any one time, and even more tuning in to watch online. ESL for example is the most watched competitive league, and with its recent updates the competition has become even more exciting with the introduction of free camera angles, chat etc.

In addition to just competitions taking place in the name of e-sport there are also many smaller competitions where players vie for smaller prizes or recognition. This can be incredibly enjoyable for fans and can give a nice break from the daily grind. Many small tournaments nowadays also incorporate betting, and there are actually official stores selling clothing, equipment and even badges for betting. This is proving to be a huge industry with huge potential and many big names involved in the betting industry. The future of e-sport and e-sports looks very bright indeed with the current trends developing. It’s only a matter of time before we see something like ESL and Valve creating official e-booksthey will be doing exactly what they have already been doing with the Counter-Strike and DOTA franchises.