NBA Leads the Way in Online E-Sport Tournament

Online E-sport is the latest buzz in the world of online marketing and E-sport strategy, where people can follow the progress of their favorite sporting arena. All that one needs to do is to enter their e-sport preferences (game type, country, time schedule) and everything about a particular sporting arena will be displayed for all interested parties like audience, competitors, sponsors, and enthusiasts. These data can also be collected in a customized report in the form of streaming app. The most interesting part about these streaming apps is that they are updated real-time and it doesn’t matter even if you switch your smartphone off. E-sport is not only an application but it is a complete concept which combine traditional marketing strategies with innovative digital media that aims at delivering the ‘hottest’ news stories of the world around the sporting arena. It has truly revolutionized the way we watch sport and enjoy live sports.

online esport

The concept of e-sports has received a lot of popularity recently with the phenomenal popularity of various game streams via mobile devices. This was further enhanced with the launch of live sports channels on internet TV. All that changed when the NBA finally launched its NBA League Pass service. Now every basketball fan will get the chance to see his/her favorite NBA players in action live through streaming video. In fact, NBA League Pass is set to revolutionize the way sports fans watch their favorite sports.

The success of NBA’s League Pass service has created a boom in online e-sport arena and has given birth to a number of streaming app portals catering to different e-sport needs. Most notable names in this league are AT&T NBA Live, ESPN Digital channels for the NBA including Watch ESPN, and the NBC Sports Digital Network. The most exciting part about these online streaming app is that anyone can subscribe for any of these channels for a monthly fee. Moreover, all these games are supported by exclusive live sports bars that provide live score, player quotes, stats, schedules and news. Now the world can come together to watch live sporting events no matter which e-sport event it is.