Illegal Internet Gambling

online gambling

DATA HK the Internet to gamble is illegal. According to the Federal Wire Act, the act of transmitting information from one state to another via the Internet is a form of gambling. The law also prohibits illegal gambling on sporting events.

Illegal Internet gambling also involves seven federal criminal statutes. These include the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the Wire Act, the Interstate Wire Communications Act, the Gambling Devices Transportation Act, the Johnson Act, the RICO, and the Travel Act. The UIGEA also prohibits financial institutions from accepting or processing financial instruments from illegal Internet bettors. Considering the fact that these laws are enforced by federal prosecutors, it is likely that PayPal will be subjected to a federal prosecution.

The best way to avoid legal problems is to simply refrain from using the Internet to gamble. However, some state officials are expressing concerns that the Internet can be used to lure illegal gambling into their jurisdictions. This is in part because of the interstate and foreign elements that can frustrate state enforcement policies.

There is also a bit of a controversy over whether or not the Federal Government has the power to regulate Internet gambling. While it is true that the Federal Government has some jurisdiction over common carriers such as telephone companies, it is unclear whether this is the case with regard to Internet gambling. While some states are looking into enforcing their own gambling laws, the Federal Government has the power to prohibit illegal Internet gambling.